4 Reasons Every College Student Should Take These Herbs

There are plenty of different herbs that college students take on a regular basis, but we aren’t talking about the illicit drug trade in this article. Think Next is about looking to the future and these options aren’t going to help as much as some people would have you believe. That doesn’t mean they cannot help, but that isn’t what we are going to be covering in the following article.

This article is about how college students can increase their abilities and reduce their feelings of stress and anxiety. Most of the time, this is done through illicit means, but in the context of this article we are going to talk about ancient herbs and alternative options that you can use.

Reason #1: They are well-studied

A lot of the drugs that are natural herbs are very well-studied because traditional societies have been using them for so long. People within these different tribal communities in India, China, and other places of the world find that they utilize a certain plant in a great way and they want to continue that indefinitely. Instead of just assuming the benefits are all true, the scientists with our modern technology have started to make big discoveries in how these interact with us.

Some of our favorite well-studied nootropic herbs are bacopa monnieri and ashwagandha. If you have never heard of these, you probably aren’t alone. Bacopa monnieri is a fat soluble memory enhancer and anti-anxiety option that children still use in much of India to this day. In fact, there are a whole host of bacopa monnieri benefits (such as anxiety relief), which can help you to get the best results for you or your children.

Reason #2: They reduce anxiety

Many of the herbal remedies that we suggest (including both bacopa and ashwagandha) are useful because they reduce anxiety levels. The vast majority of people who use ashwagandha find that they are able to enjoy themselves more and reduce their feelings of stress. This has a great effect on people who are usually very stressed out or neurotic.

If you feel like using ashwagandha might help you, check out this article http://www.nootropedia.com/ashwagandha/. You’ll find out a lot more about ashwagandha and these types of tools when you go that route.

Reason #3: They are safe

Most of the studies that focus on nootropic drugs look at prescriptions and some of these are dangerous. They may have a strong effect, but they are dangerous in their long term side effects and the problems that can come from them. In contrast, the herbal remedies that are often used in order to improve cognitive function aren’t as bad and do not have the same level of side effects.

Something like ashwagandha or bacopa monnieri is going to make a big difference for you in the long run and it is going to be safe as well, which is a double advantage compared to most of the prescription drugs (or even some of the things that you can find online!)

Now that you have a better understanding of what you can use to your advantage, hopefully it will make the process easier so that you get the best experience. Most people who are utilizing these drugs find that they help them tremendously and they are an impactful part of their lives.

Whenever you do decide to buy nootropic herbs, just make sure you are able to get a vendor that is reputable and has a lot of safety precautions. The ones that do third party certificates of analysis are your best bet as they will be safe and useful options for enhancing your cognitive abilities.

The #1 Tool for Cognitive Enhancement

The world has voted on the #1 tool for cognitive enhancement and it is probably something that you already use and need. Consider how many people have been using coffee for the past few hundred years and you’ll realize why it is considered to be the #1 tool.

If you believe that the market or the culture decides what is best based on their preferences, you have to believe that coffee (and caffeine) is the substance that humans have found to be the easiest source of concentration and focus without many side effects. Plenty of people find Adderall to be useful for their school work, but not in the long-run.

The Benefits (And Sources) Of Caffeine

The vast majority of people who are using caffeine in order to improve their cognitive enhancement find that they are part of a long history. People in the middle east have been using caffeine for a long time. It was invented and brewed in east Africa and has spread to the rest of the globe since then.

Here are a few other facts about this cognitive enhancing tool:

  1. L-theanine pairs well – one of the feats of modern science is seeing how our traditional drinks and practices actually do us god with modern research. When you take a look at something like L-theanine, it is important for you to consider what exactly it does. This amino acid can help to improve cognitive abilities like alpha brain waves. When you combine L-theanine with caffeine it is very effective. One of the reasons this is so special is because L-theanine is found in green tea, which makes it a common drink for people across the globe.
  2. Other ingredients have caffeine – even though you might find coffee to be the best source of caffeine, there are other products that can help as well. Cocoa powder can be a powerful nootropic drink as well. If you aren’t a huge fan of coffee just get some cacao and you’ll be good to go.

The benefits are caffeine are probably more sensational than you might suspect. Using this article, you’ll find it to be true. You’ll also learn why it is such an important part of your life today.