The Chaos Free Kitchen

Anytime there is chaos in the kitchen, we have to think about solutions and alternatives. At Think Next, that is exactly what we try to achieve with every piece of content that we produce. This guest blogger has provided the best way for you to have a chaos free kitchen in your own home. 

It’s not just our brains that get cluttered and foggy – it’s our homes too. And while nootropics can unfog the mind, decluttering does the same for our living spaces. One of the prime suspects is the kitchen. Remember that dream kitchen you spent ages choosing and getting perfect? It’s buried under mounds of dirty cloths, pots, pans, magazines, and bills. But here’s the good news – you can declutter it in under 15 minutes. Ready to start?

First give it what a friend of mine would call a ‘visual pat-down’. What should be where, and what is out of place?

Then start at one end and work your way to the other. Pick something up, and put it where it goes. Don’t get distracted – do one item at a time.

To keep your focus, divide the area into sections – blast through section one in 5 minutes, then move on to section 2. A timer will keep you honest. Hey! Put that magazine down! Yes the headline looks interesting, but we’ve got a mission here.

Section 1 could be your counter tops. You’ve probably got all kinds of random items there. If you don’t use it every day, it doesn’t need to be there. Be strict! Take your microwave for example – no doubt you use it daily, or several times a day. Give it a wipe and you’re good to go. Your fondue pot? You can probably store that somewhere.

The coffee mugs that seem to multiply with every glance? Nu-uh! They have to go in their cupboards.

Section 2 is usually the area around the sink. The same rule applies – so grab a bucket and put infrequently used items in there. Why exactly is your plunger next to your sink? That repair you tried was 3 years ago. Get a grip!

The last main area of focus will be all the paperwork you’ve got lying around. Kitchens attract paper like dropped ice cream attracts ants.

The problem is that bills pile on top of bills and it looks untidy and ruins the peace of mind you get when you enter a shiny clean kitchen. No point taking feel-good nootropics if your mood crumbles on entering your kitchen 30 times a day.

If there’s still clutter you have to consider your storage situation. You need to get a pantry, or a well-placed wicker basket to store some of this stuff. Strategically placed, you’ll still be able to get what you need quickly, but you’ll be able to keep the room looking spick and span. The danger is that the hamper becomes yet another surface to store things – you must resist that temptation!

Once you’ve done all that, a clean and a dust will have your kitchen looking good as new.